Distance Reiki

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Chris Ann is a Reiki Master Teacher using the Usui form of Reiki as well as 15 other modalities of Reiki.  She has over 25 years of experience doing Reiki and has also shared her gifts of teaching Reiki for years.  A Reiki session is a 45 minute to an hour Distance Reiki Session.  This means you can be anywhere in the world and receive the Reiki at a scheduled time.  The hour Reiki session includes an intake in the beginning and a follow-up at the end.  This can be done via a phone call.  Reiki techniques include clearing, cutting, connecting you up, opening you up, grounding, filling the body with love and light, Chakra balancing, and more.  For a full standalone Reiki session, Chris Ann will create an elaborate crystal grid to aid in facilitating your body's highest and best good.  A picture of the grid will be digitally sent to you.  Please call me at (207) 641-5070 to schedule your session.  All scheduled appointments are according to Eastern Standard Time.