Monthly Metaphysical Workshops

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Join Chris Ann for a monthly class group. Every Monday I will create new classes, they will be recorded and emailed to you.  They can be viewed as many times as long as you are a monthly member.

A new class will be released every Monday. Classes are open to all, ages 16 years and older.

Schedule is as follows:

1st Monday of the month- Crystal info theme

2nd Monday of the month- Manifesting techniques

3rd Monday of the month- Divination techniques

4th Monday of the month- Guided meditations

5th Monday of the month- Metaphysical crafts

There will also be 2 questions and answers sessions a month live on Zoom for approximately 20 min each, if questionnaires are submitted.

Dates and themes will be announced each month through a newsletter/email.  As well as monthly discounts on a variety of items and services.  Additional perks to the monthly membership will be announced.

Please note that if you choose not to renew your membership but wish to start one a few months later, you need to sign up at the current rate. You lose the locked-in price. If you choose to sign up every month, you remain at that price for as long as I run the workshops!