Angel Heart Sigils Oracle Cards

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These stunning cards will allow you to experience the Heart Love of the Angels of Atlantis and, like the magic of old, they will kindle a passion to utterly transform your life. The Angels are from the Source and their Sigil Symbols vibrate a love straight from God.

The twelve beautiful Angelic Orbs offer 44 aspects through illumination, bliss, genius, and insight to harmony, anticipation, and pleasure. All will readily answer any question you may have about relationships, health or wealth, and return you to the higher frequency of who you truly are as a soul particle of the Divine.

Together with the Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards, the Angel Heart Sigils represent the two pillars to the Temple of the Angels of Atlantis. The first Oracle vibrates with your brain's left hemisphere, and the second with your right brain, which means that the Sigils open the heart centre, giving you a rare super-coherence.