Learn to Read the Akashic Records

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Learn to read The Akashic Records but with a twist! This is a class for those who are Mediums and or Animal Communicators. We will be learning the basics of how to read The Akashic Records and accessing past lives and soul’s history. We will connect with Spirit Guides, Angels, Loved Ones and Animal Spirit Guides as well as others.

This is an intensive, hands on full weekend workshop. Class will only take place via Zoom. We will practice on fellow students to learn and experience hands-on techniques. You will be required to take notes, participate in class, read for others and share experiences. Class will be recorded for future teaching purposes. I will ask everyone to sign a waiver.

Mediumship and Animal Communication in The Akashic Records is something that has been performed and specialized by Chris Ann. Tips, hints and The Key to access The Akashic Records will be shared.

There will be 3 free classes via zoom to further explain the classes. Please join at least one of the 3 classes to see if this class is right for you. There are no refunds on this class.

Once class is completed, you will receive a Certificate of Completion and be admitted into the private Facebook group.

Prerequisite for this class-Chris Ann will do a private and brief interview with each and every student to ensure this class is right for you. The interview will take place via phone for those in the USA and via WhatsApp for those outside the USA.

DO NOT SIGN UP UNTIL YOU'VE HAD AN INTERVIEW WITH CHRIS ANN.  Please email Chris Ann at elementalenergieswithchrisann@gmail.com or message her on Facebook or Instagram to arrange a time for your interview.

Please include your country and phone number or WhatsApp number. Chris Ann will call from a 207 area code. A time will be pre-arranged for the interview. The interview is to ensure that everyone is on the same skill level and able to fully participate. Absolutely no pressure but it’s only fair to everyone in the class as this is a full participatory class.

All times are in the EASTERN STANDARD TIME in the United States of America